What is TRBOnet


TRBOnet is a software suite designed for managing and enhancing the capabilities of MOTOTRBO radio communication systems.

MOTOTRBO is a digital two-way radio system developed by Motorola Solutions. TRBOnet provides features such as voice recording, GPS tracking, and dispatcher functionality to optimize communication and coordination for organisations using MOTOTRBO radios. It's commonly used in industries like public safety, transportation, and utilities for efficient and secure communication.

TRBOnet products include

TRBOnet Enterprise
Best-in-class control room software for two-way professional radios ensuring efficient communication and quick response to emergency situations.

A comprehensive fully IP-based control room solution for any MOTOTRBO radio network from IP Site Connect to Capacity Max.

TRBOnet Voice Recorder
Lightweight and cost-effective software for voice recording only.

TRBOnet Watch
The industry’s most advanced system monitor gives you an integrated view into the health of your network, monitors infrastructure usage and helps you detect topology problems.

TRBOnet Agent
A software application for remote control rooms, high-latency environments and integration of multiple TRBOnet Servers.

Option Board Software
Add extra intelligence to your radio. New software for option boards enhances its capabilities.


  • Mototrbo telemetry

  • Enhanced telemetry

  • Configurable actions

  • Auto-response

  • Hardware integration

Voice Dispatch

  • All type of calls

  • Canned messages

  • Voice mail

  • Cross patch

  • Intercom

Telephone Interconnect

  • Radio-phone calls

  • On-screen dial pad

  • Call transfer

  • Conditional forward

  • SIP trunk

Indoor Positioning

  • Indoor tracking

  • Route history

  • iBeacon support

  • Route playback

  • Custom 2D/3D

TRBOnet Solutions

GPS Tracking

  • Online GPS Tracking

  • Historical logs

  • Geo-fencing

  • Store and Forward

  • Speed limit

Alarm Management

  • Daily routine tasks

  • Location triggered

  • Sound alarms

  • Email/SMS alerts

  • GOB software

Web Interface

  • Any browser and OS

  • GPS data

  • Text messages

  • Job ticketing

Guard Tour

  • Indoor (iBeacon)

  • Outdoor (GPS)

  • Scheduled routes

  • Alarms

  • Reports

IP Cameras

  • Real-time video

  • RTSP protocol

  • Can be linked to a map point, a radio unit or iBeacon

  • Alarm triggered

Store and Forward

  • GPS updates every 2-5 seconds

  • Stores up to 500,000 coordinates

  • Decreases channel loading

Job Ticketing

  • Task creation

  • Monitoring

  • Task log

  • Notifications

  • Due date/time

Popular TRBOnet Applications

TRBOnet is versatile and can be used in various markets and industries that rely on MOTOTRBO radio communication systems. Some common sectors include:

  • Public Safety: TRBOnet is often used by police, fire departments, and other emergency services to enhance communication and coordination during critical situations.

  • Transportation: In the transportation industry, TRBOnet helps improve communication among drivers, dispatchers, and other staff, ensuring efficient logistics and coordination.

  • Utilities: Utilities, such as energy and water companies, use TRBOnet to maintain seamless communication between field teams and control centres for effective operation and response.

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities benefit from TRBOnet's features to streamline communication on the factory floor, improving efficiency and safety.

  • Hospitality: Hotels and large venues utilise TRBOnet for effective communication among staff members, security personnel, and management.

  • Construction: Construction sites often deploy TRBOnet to enhance communication and coordination among construction teams, ensuring smooth project execution.

  • Mining: In the mining industry, TRBOnet aids in maintaining reliable communication between miners, supervisors, and support teams, even in challenging environments.

  • Oil and Gas: TRBOnet is used in the oil and gas sector for efficient communication among field workers, ensuring safety and operational effectiveness.

  • Education: Some educational institutions use TRBOnet for campus security and coordination among staff during events or emergencies.

  • Government: Government agencies may deploy TRBOnet for secure and effective communication among different departments and teams.

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