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8/4/20231 min read


Airsys, in collaboration with Motorola Solutions, participated in the Retail Risk Conference held at Leicester City FC stadium, the King Power Stadium. During the conference, both Airsys and Motorola Solutions had the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate Motorola Solutions' ground-breaking solution, safety reimaged.

Motorola Solutions believe the technologies that make us safer can also make us better at everything we do. With safety reimaged they have made that vision real by creating an ecosystem to unify the technologies that keep us safe on one single platform—voice, video, data, and analytics. Creating solutions that address the industry challenges of today with an eye toward the future.

The Retail Risk Conference is dedicated to assisting retailers, academics, and law enforcement professionals in combating crime both online and in physical stores. It has become the most widely attended conference series globally, attracting more risk and loss prevention managers than any other similar series—a testament to its effectiveness in addressing industry needs.

Attendees at the event were:

  • James Causer, Head of Systems and Solutions. Airsys

  • Jamie Hazel, Systems Engineer, Airsys

  • Russ Billings, Head of Professional Services, Airsys

  • Nicolle Langley, UK Distribution Channel Account Manager, Motorola Solutions

  • Peter Howard, Regional Sales Manager - Avigilon, Compass ,IndigoVision & Motorola ACM, East Midlands & East Anglia at Motorola Solutions

  • Nick French, EMEA Wave PTX Sales Specialist, Motorola Solutions

The Retail Conference was followed by the Retail Risk Awards—an influential event in the retail industry. These awards not only highlight the significance of risk management but also recognize the dedication of individuals and teams working tirelessly to safeguard retailers from various risks.

The Retail Risk Conference is dedicated to assisting retailers combat crime

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Professional Services Consult

Airsys Team Members Involved

James Causer, Head of Systems and Solutions
Jamie Hazel, Systems Engineer
Russ Billings, Head of Professional Services