Motorola Solutions Capacity Max Training

Customise the course to deliver your requirements: One to Three Days.


Airsys offers a two-day training courses to help you get the most out of your Capacity Plus system.

Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Training Level: Advanced
Location: Airsys Innovation Centre UK, Airsys Innovation Centre Europe,
Audience: Engineers
Duration: 1 to 3 Full Day

Airsys provides a Motorola Solutions Capacity Max course ranging from one to three days, depending on the specific training program of your interest. Through individual course consultations, we deliver a customisation Capacity Max course to meet your specific requirements.

Core Capacity Max Training:

  • Overview of MOTOTRBO Capacity Max: This covers the key features and benefits of Capacity Max, including its high-performance, scalability, security, and ease of migration.

  • System Design and Architecture: This dives into the technical aspects of Capacity Max, including its components, configuration options, and integration with other systems.

  • System Administration and Management: This teaches you how to configure, manage, and maintain a Capacity Max system, including user accounts, call routing, and system settings.

  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance: This equips you with the skills to troubleshoot and resolve common Capacity Max issues.

Advanced Capacity Max Training:

  • Capacity Max System Optimisation: This covers advanced techniques for optimizing Capacity Max performance, such as channel management, roaming, and data services.

  • Capacity Max Security: This focuses on the security features of Capacity Max and how to configure them for maximum protection.

  • Capacity Max Integration with Other Applications: This covers how to integrate Capacity Max with other applications, such as dispatch consoles, data applications, and video surveillance systems.