The team

Throughout our 30 years history, we have refused to take the easy wait-and-see approach. Instead, we have been guided by the people that shape our business practices.

Meet the people behind Professional Services

We have made significant investments in all aspects of our business, with a particular emphasis on our Professional Services. This investment is geared towards providing the necessary support to our partners as the field of communications undergoes a continuous evolution.

Our commitment to adapting and staying ahead is driven by our dedication to delivering exceptional service and maintaining strong relationships with our partners.

Find out about Russ Billings

Head of Professional Services

Find out about Dean Simper

Technical and Programming Engineer

Sophie Farrell

Systems Analyst

Jamie Hazel

Systems Engineer

Could this be you?

Do you want to elevate your career?

At Airsys, we are currently recruiting for a System & Solutions Engineer. Working within our Professional Services team, you will be key technical liaison for all our partners across Europe, positioning yourself as the trusted advisor they rely on for major project decisions.

Meet our GCaaS specialists

Group Communications as a Service (GCaaS) is a solution to allow instant and global communication at the push of a button over a broadband network. With our solution, it is also possible to integrate PMR and broadband systems, enabling communications between two-way radios and cellular devices.

Find out about Ashley Blakeley

Business Development Manager

Mike Wiltshire

Business Development Manager

Russ Pedder

Business Development Director

Meet more of our team

Get to know the talented individuals behind the scenes who bring passion, expertise, and creativity to everything we do.

Greg Tucker

IT Co-Ordinator

Find out about Hannah Way

Services and Solutions Specialist

James Causer

Head off Systems and Solutions

Find out about James Dobson

Group Marketing Manager