Introduction to two-way radio

For Non-technical or New Engineers who seek essential knowledge regarding two-way radio. Duration: 4 hours


Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, our 'Introduction to two-way radio' will help you enhance your understanding and make the most out of your two-way radio.

Manufacturer: All
Training Level: Basic
Location: On-Site, Off-Site, Online
Audience: Non-technical (Sales, Marketing and Operational personal) or New engineers
Duration: 4 hours

Course Detail

During the session, participants will be introduced to the concept of two-way radios and will acquire fundamental knowledge about their functionality and operation. The training will focus on providing a comprehensive understanding of how these communication devices function and the underlying principles of two-way radio systems. Attendees will learn about the various components and features of two-way radios, such as channels, frequencies, and modes, and how they contribute to effective communication. Additionally, they will gain insights into the different types of two-way radio systems and their applications in various industries.


Participants will have a solid foundation in the workings of two-way radios and be better equipped to utilize them efficiently in their respective fields.

Course Programme

  • Radio history, components, systems overview & all about frequencies

  • Radios suite, manufacturers, and features

  • Radio systems and their manufacturers

  • Designing a Radio Network