Body-Worn Camera and Video Manager

Discover the benefits and features of the Motorola Solutions Body-Worn Camera portfolio and Video Manager.


Enhance your understanding of the Motorola Solutions Body-Worn Camera portfolio and VideoManager

Manufacturer: Motorola Solutions
Training Level: Basic
Location: On-Site, Off-Site, Online
Audience: Non-technical (Sales, Marketing and Operational personal) or New engineers
Duration: 4 hours


Participants will have a solid foundation in the workings of the VB400 and VT100 and be better equipped to utilise the VideoManager.

Course Programme

In this course, you'll experience immersive hands-on demonstrations of the entire Motorola Solutions Body-Worn portfolio, featuring the VB400 and VT100 models. Through practical exercises, you'll gain a deep understanding of how these cameras operate and their key features.

Furthermore, you'll delve into the capabilities of VideoManager, ensuring that authorised personnel can efficiently access crucial video evidence when it's most needed. By the end of the training, participants will possess a strong grasp of the VB400 and VT100 functionalities, empowering them to effectively leverage VideoManager for optimised workflow management.