Airsys.Cloud Academy

For Engineers and Technical Sales who seek knowledge regarding Group Communications as a Service. Duration: Two days


Group Communications as a Services (GCaaS) gives organisations the opportunity to be do more. It includes a wide range of features that enable teams, regardless of location, the ability to collaborate and communicate.

Manufacturer: Airsys.Cloud
Training Level: Advanced
Location: Airsys Innovation Centre UK, Airsys Innovation Centre Europe,
Audience: Engineers, Technical Sales
Duration: 2 Full Day
Qualification: Accredited as an Airsys.Cloud practitioner

two people sitting during day
two people sitting during day

Course Detail

Throughout the two days, attendees will delve into the intricacies of Group Communications as a Service (GCaaS), gaining advanced insights into the ecosystem, its features, benefits, and successful deployment strategies.

On day one, participants will receive an in-depth GCaaS overview, covering its application, dispatcher functionalities, and a closer look at what sets Airsys.Cloud apart. The day will also explore the extensive range of Airsys.Cloud bolt-ons.

Moving to day two, the focus will shift to understanding the IT infrastructure, Airsys.Cloud's market positioning, including its unique value proposition, and effective go-to-market strategies.


On completion, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of GCaaS, instilling confidence in their ability to fully leverage its functionality and enhance efficiency in real-world applications.

Course Programme

  • Knowing the complete GCaaS solution

  • What makes Airsys.Cloud tick?

  • Airsys.Cloud Bolt-ons

  • Airsys.Cloud LMR bridging

  • Overview on devices

  • How to bring it together

  • Marketing support

  • Sales support, after sales support & upselling

On achieving a score mark of 80% or above, participants will be accredited as an Airsys.Cloud practitioner